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    This was a result of my teams final project at next academy. We were given a week to conceive and build an application within a health theme. This time limit gave us the sense of working under job-like time constraints. I will be improving on the application to work out some of the bugs, but during the one week, I was in charge of most of the back-end stuff. I created the places and cities objects while incorporating the pg_search gem for the search functions. I also incorporated the strava api and the carrierwave gem to upload photos to AWS. During the delegation of tasks, I was forced to reconcile with the fact that my front-end skills were not as good as my peers’. Although, I was probably the strongest in the way of backend – Ruby. Since then I have improved quite a bit on my front-end – html, css, jquery, javascript and bootstrap knowledge. So, as I am fixing some of these bugs I hope to conquer –

    √ – bugs involving the profile page

    √ – javascript load order

    √ – work on the rating library/gem implemented by a partner of mine

    √ – consistent bootstrap grid system throughout the application

    √ – other things that may come up

    √ – possibly implementing some jquery and/or ajax

    Find the git hub repository here – GitHub repo


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