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    Pinteresting on Heroku

    This is my personal final project for my bootcamp! For the final project I was required to

    • build user authentication from scratch (no gems except bcrypt).
    • implement an omniauth alternative sign in like facebook.
    • search functionality.
    • atleast one external API provider.
    • some use of ajax.
    • validations.
    • rspec model tests.
    • a capybara views test.
    • deploy app to heroku (link above).

    This wasn’t too much of a challenge as I had done this stuff several times during the bootcamp. We had exactly one week to complete this and I had finished the app except for the ajax, the tests, and heroku deployment within about 2.5 days. When I started working on the ajax, I couldn’t figure out why the new pins wouldn’t load via ajax. After another 2.5 days, I discovered that it was because of the file field. Apparently, the javascript can’t handle the file field and uploading by itself. So, I needed to use a gem like remotipart to get this all to function. I went as far as to ask about it on stack overflow, from which I received no responses. Anyways, I’ll write a blog post about this that will be a bit more indepth. I also need to get intouch with the guys from masonry (the gem I used for the transitions and placements of the pins), because their ‘prepended’ function doesn’t work, whille there ‘appended’ one works just fine even though it is in their documentation. I will continue to improve this app! Follow along or just take a look at my repo below –

    GitHub repo


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