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    Ruby on Rails

    • Ruby first
    • MVC
    • OOP
    • RESTful Routes
    • ActiveRecord
    • Gem implemenation
    • Debugging
    • Api
    • Aws
    • Heroku

    HTML & CSS

    • Bootstrap
    • Responsive Web Design


    • Jquery
    • Ajax


    • Mysql
    • Postgres
    • NoSql
    • Redis

    Test Driven Development

    • Rspec
    • Unit testing
    • Feature testing
    • Capybara

    Version Control

    • Git
    • Programming

      I love creating things and since my talents as an artist are lacking, I have finally found my calling – programming. I also love that these creations can solve real-life problems, while being fun and intuitive tools to interact with. In addition to programming, I enjoy technology…

    • Learning

      learning, reading, and *writing. We are part of the Universe, and as the Universe constantly expands it is likely that we are meant to do this as well. My way of doing this is to expand my knowledge as much as possible and to use this knowledge to interact with and to help as many things/people as possible. I am constantly listening to podcasts or reading books or the news to stay informed. I also like…

    • Fitness

      running, yoga, and basketball. If I am cranky and I have eaten breakfast that day this means, I haven’t run or done yoga in the previous 24 hours. I guess these are less hobby-like than they are addictions. I started to notice that I could sleep after I ran and wore myself out – like a dog, I know. And then my knees started to go bad :/, so I put less strain on them by practicing Bikram yoga.  I’m no longer any good at playing basketball, but I love watching the game.

    • Hit me up!

      Are you in the Taipei area? Would you like to join me in any of the hobbies listed above? Would you like to learn more about me and the way I live? Or, offer any suggestions as to enjoying life knowing what you now know about me now? If  you answered ‘yes’ to any of these question, you can contact me using the info from the contact page or follow me on any of the social networking links found at the bottom of the page. Let’s learn from each other!

      *not done well, but is used to consolidate learning 🙂