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    This was my first deployed application. I was using Sinatra at the time and improving my understanding of RESTful routes. I was able to improve slightly on the original application after revisiting it a couple of months later. I was able to get ajax to work and took advantage of some of the bootstrap classes that were already in place. I know it’s not the most visually appealing application, but seeing all of my work come to fruition and produce this ugly/beautiful thing was an awesomely welcome site 😉 pun intended. I remember being surprised when I got the click tracker to work. It seems so simple now, but back then that was a great feeling.

    This was supposed to be a URL shortener, but as you can see the URLs end up being longer since I’m using free Heroku hosting. Anyways go ahead and check it out at the link above, or you could check out the GitHub repository below –

    GitHub repo

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